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United Cost Control offers small to mid-size businesses cost saving strategies that were once only utilized by large corporations.  Our unique approach enables middle market companies equal access to the same expert cost analysts and expense auditing firms that were previously only accessible by large corporations at costs of $450 to $1,000 per hour.

We have put together a team of industry specific specialists that have each agreed to offer their expert services to our clients on a pay for performance contingency basis.  Our experts have agreed to provide their services to our clients in exchange for 50% of any cost savings generated for your company that are a direct result from account credits and/or refunds recovered, or savings realized from successful contract renegotiations.  If our experts cannot provide significant cost saving strategies for your company, or recover significant refunds and/or credits, YOU OWE NOTHING!

Now, how diligently do you think our experts will work to renegotiate lower rates and better terms on your current provider contracts, or find and recover overpayments or overcharges paid on previous bills and invoices, if they know they will ONLY be paid from a portion of the money they save or recover for your company?

We guarantee we will either save you money or recover money in one or more of the following areas, or you owe our experts nothing for their services.

Credit Card Processing – Average savings of 15-25% off processing fees

Natural Gas & Electricity Contract Negotiation – Average savings of 5-30%

Utility Bill Auditing (gas, electric, water & sewage) – Average savings of 8-10%

Telecom Bill Auditing (local, long distance, internet, mobile) – Average savings of 15-25%

Waste & Recycling Auditing and Contract Negotiation – Average savings of 35-55%

Copier & Printer Auditing and Contract Negotiation – Average savings of 15-35%

Parcel & Freight Auditing and Contract Negotiation – Average recovery of 10-25%

Workman’s Comp Insurance Auditing – Average recovery of 20-30%

Business Phone Systems – Average savings of 25-40%

Payroll Services

Business Financing

Our expert analysts have collectively saved businesses just like yours millions of dollars. Please take a moment to review each of the separate cost reduction and recovery services we can offer your company. When you are ready for your FREE – No Obligation – NO Risk – business cost analysis, please contact us to get started saving your business money.

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    We understand that your time is valuable and our process is very efficient. During our initial 30 to 45 minute interview, we will ask you details about your business to help us determine in what areas we can reduce cost or recover money. Once this is determined, we only request copies of invoices and contracts for these target areas. Once we obtain the needed contracts and invoices, we do all the work.
    We work on a pay for performance contingency basis. We are paid 50% of any savings generated from contract renegotiations and/or credits or refunds recovered. If we cannot save or recover money for your company, you owe NOTHING!
    Our service providers are the best of the best. We spent nearly an entire year interviewing and evaluating specialists in each or our target areas. We only work with top performers that have the best customer service ratings, and highest recovery numbers. Most of our experts have been in business more than 15 years.
    Apartment Buildings - Auto Dealerships - Auto Repair Shops - Bars & Night Clubs - Boat Dealerships - Commercial Buildings - Construction Companies - Convenience Stores - Dental Offices - Fitness Centers & Gyms - Gas Stations - Government Facilities - Grocery Stores - Hardware Stores - Health Clubs - Hospitals - Hotels & Motels - Logistics Companies - Manufacturing Facilities - Medical Offices - Movie Theaters - Non Profits - Office Buildings - Restaurants - Retail Shops - Sports Centers - Warehouse Facilities
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