About Us

About our founder.

Dion Winn

My name is Dion Winn, and I am the founder of United Cost Control, and the president and CEO of our parent company, First American Finance Corporation.  I have been involved with the creation and management of an array of several successful businesses including Music & Video retail stores, Health & Fitness Centers, Tanning Centers, Payday Loan offices, Logistics Companies, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate offices, Residential Property Management, Building & Construction companies, and Lawsuit Funding Companies, since 1991. 

During the downturn of the economy, I was forced to take a look at what actions could be taken to save my own businesses that were on the brink of closure.  It was at that time that I spent several months going over each and every bill and invoice of all the service providers, to see if there were any strategies that could be applied to improve the bottom line.  After several months of work to eliminate wasteful spending and renegotiate rates and terms with current providers, I was in disbelief at all the money that had been needlessly spent over a period of several years.  Why had I not done this sooner? 

It was then that I realized that there are so many other companies out there that could be saving so much money, if they just had the time or resources to evaluate each individual area of their companies spending.  When searching for such a service, I found several consulting firms that would provide such services.  However, the cost involved to hire such firms was so high, only the largest of corporations could afford to use their services.

It was as this time I decided to start contacting and interviewing the individual experts that were only providing such expert services to large fortune 500 companies.  I wanted to see if we could come up with a strategy that would allow small and middle market companies to access their cost reduction and recovery services and benefit from the savings.  We decided that after identifying which companies met each experts minimum spending requirement, we could forward a bill or invoice to the corresponding expert for an initial evaluation, to see if the expert felt the company could benefit from their services.  If the firm felt they could save or recover the company significant money, they would agree to provide their services on a pay for performance 50% contingency fee arrangement.

Please let myself, or one of my trained individual consultants spend about 30 to 45 minutes with the CEO or CFO of your company, and complete a brief questionnaire to establish your expense profile, so that we can determine which area of your business will benefit from our expert cost reduction and recovery services.  There is no risk.  If we cannot save or recover money for your company, you owe nothing.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how much money we can save and recover for your company.