Copier & Printer Auditing

We help our clients save money on copy and print expenses by restructuring their copier and printer purchasing into a streamlined program using our unique copy and printer expense audit system. Our expert copy and print analyst has extensive knowledge of the document production industry, technology, prices, and suppliers, to which few, if any, have access.

Our expert analyst deals with the document production industry every day; your staff probably does this once a year or even less frequently. Our expert analyst knows as much about document production, service, and management costs as you know about your own business.

If you don’t know how much you are spending, it’s hard to know how much you can save!

Our expert thoroughly analyzes your current document production costs, locating unnecessary and hidden costs, and then implements the savings strategy. Savings, for some our largest commercial and medical accounts, have reached into the millions of dollars.

Copier & Printer Vendors Do Not Like our Copier and Printer analyst!

We offer our clients inside market knowledge and global buying power that will secure the absolute best pricing.

Our copy and print watch service enables you to stop the price gouging by copier and printer vendors, recover your capital, and experience savings in as little as 30 days. All this is done with the savings and recovery process being completed by our expert audit analysts, off site, in our offices, with minimal involvement by you and/or your staff.

Our work is completed on a no-risk, contingency basis. You only pay for results.

Our copy and printer audit will return money to your company’s bottom line. This is a win/win situation!

Who can benefit from our copier and printer audit?

If you are spending at least $150 per month on copier and printer expenses we can help. We can generally save you up to 35%.