Credit Card Processing

Our Wholesale Merchant Services provider is registered directly with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We can provide your businesses with the ability to accept credit cards and accept other digital transactions. We work with the #1 trusted network in the world who has processed over $1.4 trillion in transactions for over 6.2 million merchants worldwide in 2010. Our wholesale provider has over 20 years experience with acquisition, approval, and conversion of billions of dollars in credit card processing volume.

Quick Approval Process

98% of new accounts get approved within hours. Other companies usually have internal underwriters that routinely ask for more and more paperwork that cause added delay to the approval process. We know how important your time is, and we work quickly to get you moving towards building your business.

Simple Activation Process

Once signed up with our wholesale provider, the activation process that is quick and simple. The equipment you will receive is pre-configured for you before it’s even shipped. We believe your equipment should be programmed prior to shipment, so you to simply plug in the terminal and start accepting transactions. Your terminals are shipped directly to you from our provider, and all equipment is pre-programmed and ready to go.

If you have existing equipment that you will be using with our wholesale processing services, the reprogramming process is also quick and easy. In this case, one of our friendly and professional programming specialists will assist you with reprogramming your existing terminal.

With our wholesale provider, you will enjoy the following features:

Quick Approval Process
Simple Activation Process
Free Equipment Program
Existing Contract Buyout
Next Day Funding including Amex
24/7 Live Customer Support
Rates as Low as 1.15%
5¢ transaction
No Termination Fee
No Set-up Fees

When you are ready to start saving money on your credit card processing, visit our merchant services website below:

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