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When you need boxes in a hurry, contact us before 3 p.m. EST/EDT and your order will be shipped the same day. Many of our Midwest and East Central states customers receive their boxes and packaging supplies the next day. Of related significance, we offer blanket purchase orders where we can release predetermined items and respective quantities per your schedule.


Our minimum order is one bundle of any item that we carry. Stock box bundle quantities range from 5 to 100, depending on the style and size. Most packaging supplies are also offered in small amounts. Bundle counts vary by product.


Use Argrov Box as your warehouse! We have more than 45,000 square feet of warehouse space devoted exclusively to the storage of finished boxes and packaging supplies. Alone, our daily box inventory exceeds 2.5 million and represents more than 650 different sizes. Then, add our inventory of packaging supplies and it is easy to understand that our warehouse can be your warehouse, too.


If you're starting a new business venture, introducing a new product or just trying to preserve company cash, selecting Argrov Box as your supplier can make sound monetary sense. Our minimum order is one bundle; so just buy what you need when you need it!


We strive to make every Argrov box usable so that you have no waste. Our boxes are of the highest quality . . . square corners, tight seal and crisp, clean edges. Plus, all bundle counts are accurate; so you can be assured of receiving the quantity that you ordered and in the amounts that you need.

For more reasons to use Argrov Box, see Satisfied Customers.

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