Parcel & Freight Auditing

UPS and FedEx Auditing:
Our parcel shipping expert analyst is the top parcel invoice auditing company in the industry. They service more than 1,000 clients and track nearly 200 million packages each year.

Businesses using UPS and FedEx need help eliminating overcharges and billing errors. Invoice errors commonly occur 52 weeks a year, and businesses get stuck paying for the carriers mistakes and services that were not actually performed.

Our UPS parcel audit and FedEx parcel audit starts by using our proprietary invoice auditing platform that identifies UPS and FedEx billing errors and overcharges. This auditing platform not only gives us the ability to recover a significant amount of refunds for our clients, it also allows us to provide our clients with valuable reporting tools. These detailed reports assist our clients to better understand and manage their parcel spending.

It costs nothing to use our parcel audit expert, and we do not require you to sign a contract. Our analyst works on a sole contingency basis and is paid a percentage of the money we save your business. Typical parcel auditing savings are 2%-6%.

UPS and FedEx Contract Negotiating:
Our expert analyst reviews hundreds of client carrier contracts each year and helps negotiate several UPS and FedEx contracts each year. Our expert’s experience along with years of contract negotiating experience gives us the edge on a daily basis to the complexity of UPS and FedEx pricing structures and negotiating strategies. Contract Negotiations savings typically range from 10% to over 25%.

If you would like to start saving money on your UPS and FedEx spending, contact us.