-Worker’s Comp Audit –
“Your review of our past Workers’ Compensation policies produced a refund of just over $23,000, a refund produced by your finding overcharges in our old policies that we had never realized had occurred. Your service did just what you said it would, without trying to get us to change our insurance agent or our insurance company…I would encourage other businesses to also have their Workers’ Compensation premiums reviewed by AIM.”
— T. Mueller, Diamond Blast Corp.

-Electricity & Gas Procurement –
“I was skeptical about the Reverse Energy Auction service. But, because my business energy costs were several hundred thousand dollars a year, the opportunity to save 20-30% was too significant to ignore. The auction process was so simple. Within 5 minutes, I saw energy companies competing for my business by offering significant discounts. I was able to watch the auction process, see potential savings and then decide if I wanted to commit. Our auction offered a 28% savings over current energy costs. I decided to commit to a time period, and my business began saving 28% annually on our energy bill—no gimmicks, just pure savings. I highly recommend the Reverse Energy Auction.”
— S. Tourville, CEO ZEUS Scientific Inc

– Waste & Recycling Audit –
” I wanted to thank you for helping Park Avenue to reduce its waste management and trash recycling costs by up to $9,000 per year, representing a 40% annual savings. With your expertise in the waste management field, the implementation of the required changes were seamless, and the savings were far greater than what we would have been able to negotiate on our own behalf.”
— John Alessandroni, Executive Director Park Avenue Nursing & Rehab Center

– Copier & Printer Audit –
“Through the Copy & Printer cost reduction program, we were able to save 40% off our existing vendor contracts, and improve our service as well. Your knowledge of the copier industry, state of the art copying technology, and market sensitive cost per impression pricing helped us better manage our relationship with our current vendor. We realized a savings in excess of $200,000 over a period of 4-5 years.”
— Edward Isaacs & Company LLP, NYC